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Eyelid Lift

Do your eyes look tired? Are you upset by wrinkled skin around the eyes or hooding of your upper lids? A surgical eyelid lift may seem like a drastic and scary proposition. Luckily, there are technologies today that allow you to subtly “lift” the eyelids without incisions.

If you have mild wrinkling around the eyes and drooping of the upper eyelid, you might be a good candidate for a non-surgical eyelid lift using either the Regenlite Laser or Microcurrent treatment.

Regenlite Laser Eyelid Lift

*Image provided by manufacturer

*Image provided by manufacturer

Through stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, the Regenlite laser promotes gentle skin tightening that can subtly “lift” lax skin on the upper eyelids. This process gradually produces a more youthful look that brings the eyes out of hiding. As the collagen and elastic are produced, the anti-aging effects will continue over a period of months after your treatment.

Regenlite treatments are simple. Wearing protective glasses, the operator moves the SmartPulse hand piece slowly over the eye area. You will also wear protective eyewear to protect you from the light of the laser. During your treatment, the hand piece is held close to your skin, but it is not painful. Most patients report a slight warming sensation.

Your treatment should take no longer than 30-45 minutes. No recovery period is required after a Regenlite procedure. You might experience some slight bruising in the treated areas for a day or two, but otherwise, there are no side effects.

Most people require 3 treatments or more every other week for optimal eyelid lift results.

Microcurrent Eyelid Lift

Microcurrent treatment is another non-invasive method to “lift” sagging skin on the upper eyelids. Using gentle electrical stimulation, Microcurrent promotes collagen and elastin production, while also increasing blood circulation and cell regeneration as it gently “re-educates” the fine facial muscles.

A tiny electrical current is administered through two Q-tipped probes and applied to the muscles of the eyelid to improve their tone. In the process, no harm is done to the skin, so all you will feel is a gentle tingle.

A series of 12-20 treatments are usually required over a period of months. Your treatments will take 60-75 minutes, and you will begin to see results after the very first appointment. Thereafter, booster treatments every few weeks (which take a shorter time) are necessary to maintain the muscle tone.

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