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T3 Fat Destruction

Triple Threat Therapy

Are you unhappy with the looks of some of your body areas? Today’s technologies make it possible to improve the looks and health of your body without going under the knife.

At Natural Foundations, Dr. Lonna Larsh and her professional team now offer T3 Therapy, the latest three-in-one approach to improve the appearance and well-being of patients in Santa Cruz, Capitola, and surrounding areas on California’s Central Coast


What is Triple Threat Therapy?

T3 Therapy combines three cutting- edge therapies into one treatment by targeting love handles, stomach areas, legs, arms, and more. The three Ts stand for: tighten, tone, terminate. With T3 Therapy, your provider can tighten arm and neck skin, reduce cellulite, lift your buttock, reduce stretch marks, and help you lose inches in various body areas.

The benefits of  T3 Therapy at a glance:

  • Body contouring with 3 procedures in 1 session
  • Effective reduction of sagging skin, cellulite, and fat cells
  • Loss of Inches and Fat cell destruction
  • Safe, gentle, non-invasive, no swelling
  • No surgery, no downtime
  • Measurable results after just one treatment
  • Long Lasting effects
  • Boosts your confidence, happiness, and health

How Does T3 Therapy Work?

In step one of the T3 Therapy, the new Verjú Laser is used for body contouring and tightening, particularly in cellulite treatment. State-of-the-art technology allows the Verjú to produce 25% more energy than the red laser device, resulting in faster treatment times and a 25% increase in overall circumference reduction.

The FDA approved green low-level laser light sweeps your area of concern for 20 minutes.  The green laser beams are absolutely painless, they do not touch you, and you will not feel anything during the treatment.

Step 2 is the so-called V-Shape 4 Generation RF Therapy. This FDA approved technology uses radiofrequency for skin toning and tightening, which is based on energy instead of laser light. Using patented radiofrequency (RF) technology is the most effective way to target sagging skin today.

The radiofrequency technology supercharges water molecules in your skin, which in turn cause a thermal reaction similar to warm ironing of the skin. Results may vary, and are often visible immediately after the first treatment.

Step 3 involves a device called V-Shape Ultra, which delivers ultrasound waves directly into the problem areas below your skin’s surface. As a result, fats cells begin to rupture and melt away, while leaving the surrounding areas, such as nerves, blood vessels, etc. unharmed. The terminated fat cells will not grow back, meaning that stubborn fat in the treated areas are gone for good.

Since in the Triple Threat Therapy all three procedures are performed simultaneously, patients save a lot of time – one session takes about one hour.

Patients typically see results immediately after the first treatment, and can expect to see improved results 7-14 days later. This is the time when new collagen and elastin fibers are formed, and the fat cells break down completely and leave the system.

The amount of session needed to achieve optimum results depends on each patient’s individual situation and goals. To achieve best results with T3 Therapy skin for skin toning, tightening, and permanent fat cell removal, we recommend 3-6 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

What Happens After the Treatment?

You can continue your normal activities – there is no downtime. During the radiofrequency treatment, the skin will get a light pink or reddish hue, which may last a few days. Noticeable skin tightening after T3 Therapy typically occurs after the first session and increases over time, depending on the amount of treatments you undergo. Maximum toning and tightening results will be achieved several months after your last session, while fat melting and eliminating results may show immediately.

Is T3 Therapy Right for Me?

If you refuse to go under the knife, but are looking for non-invasive triple effect treatment, T3 Therapy is the procedure for you. To achieve best results, you need an experienced professional to perform tightening, toning and terminating T3 treatment effectively.

Dr. Larsh and her team at Natural Foundations will guide you through all phases of T3 treatment. They will determine if you are a good candidate for this cutting-edge, painless 3-step therapy, and create a treatment plan customized to your individual needs.

During a thorough consultation, patients will get to know all the details prior to the procedure. We ensure that at our medical spa, you receive the most comprehensive information, attention, and care when undergoing Triple Threat Therapy.

The friendly and experienced medical team at Natural Foundations invites you to schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (831)325-0202. At our med-spa location in beautiful Capitola, you will experience premium treatment in the most comfortable and professional environment – with a human touch and results beyond expectation.