PRP Breast Lift

What is PRP Breast Lift?

Also known as the Vampire Breast Lift, a PRP Breast Lift is a nonsurgical form of breast augmentation that eliminates downtime. Imagine reshaping your breasts without having to endure long periods of rest and pain. With the PRP Breast Lift, a younger, tighter skin on your breasts is just an injection away. This procedure is the best alternative to having traditional breast implants or invasive breast lifts through surgery.

PRP Breast Lifts can help with?

  • Reshaping Breasts
  • Reduce Sagging Skin
  • Decrease Wrinkles
  • Hide Vein Appearance
  • Improve Breast Sensations

How does it work?

PRP Breast Lift involves the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is harvested from the patient’s own body. Growth factors in PRP are the main component in PRP and they help rejuvenate breast shape and size. Since PRP is derived from the patient, the body does not reject this treatment.

Once a small amount of blood is drawn from the body, it is placed in a centrifuge to spin the blood and separate the stem cells and growth factors. The result is a concentrated healing form of platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the breasts.

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