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We believe that natural beauty requires an equally natural approach to health.

We believe that natural beauty requires an equally natural approach to health.

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Today’s technologies make it possible to improve the look of your body without going under the knife.

Today’s technologies make it possible to improve the look of your body without going under the knife.

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At Natural Foundations we take a whole person approach to wellness. Physical, Chemical, Emotional.

At Natural Foundations we take a whole person approach to wellness. Physical, Chemical, Emotional.

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What patients say About Natural Foundations

  • Microcurrent is by far the best modality I have ever used not only for its quick results but also for its versatility to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. I would not hesitate to recommend this product for either, professional or personal use.

  • Dr.s White and Jew are incredible women. I originally discovered NFHC from a promotion that went out, offering free massages, chiropractic/kinesiological consultations, and detoxifying foot baths. It sounds kind of hokey, but I always feel invigorated after a visit here. I was bummed when I found out she wasn't covered by my health insurance, but thanks to my custom medical network, I was able to get coverage and make continued visits. Overall I recommend this to anyone who believes in the benefits of acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, kinesiology, and natural non-invasive detoxification techniques.

  • I've tried the Natural Foundations Healing Center™ Program. I lost 7 1/2 inches off my hips, waist and thighs. My clothes fit better, and I feel better.

  • I have lost 12 inches in 12 sessions. I feel a lot better and have more energy.

  • I lost a total of 5 1/2 inches during a six-day session. I feel firmer, a bit smaller, energized and great. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who asks.

  • I did six treatments under the lipolaser and have noticed a huge difference. The love handles, bra bulge (under bra on back side) have drastically gone down in size. I'm no longer afraid to wear tighter, form-fitting shirts. I've very satisfied with my results and would highly recommend this to others who are looking to lose a few or more inches. I'm going to do it again as summer gets closer. Thanks Drs. Spurlock! One more thing: I noticed most of my results in the second week of treatment.

  • I have lost 11 ½ inches and I feel great. I think I will do it again.

  • I thought it would only work on the young ones, but that's not true at all. I'm in my 70th year and am thrilled with the results. I love it. I have noticed that I can pull my pants down without unbuttoning them. It's amazing.

  • I was somewhat skeptical when I started, and the financial commitment was significant. My skepticism was erased after 3 days. My pants were loose; I could button up a jacket I previously couldn't! I was pleasantly surprised that the skin was not slack. It's simple, non-invasive, and showed exceptional results. I lost a total of 15 inches!

  • I have lost 15 1/2 inches off my waist, hips, thighs and pooch areas. I am extremely pleased with my results and will recommend this treatment to anyone.

  • I have lost 7 ½ inches total. This makes me feel great. I am very excited about it and I would definitely recommend it to someone else!

  • This treatment was totally painless, non-invasive and safe. I had no side effects! I noticed that my stomach was smaller and had definition. I lost a total of 8 inches. The laser treatment just melted the body fat! I considered the treatment "easy liquidation for easy elimination." I just feel great. The added bonus was being able to rest for 40 minutes of “me” time.

  • This was a great way to lose inches in the targeted places. I lost more inches around my midsection than in 2 months of dieting. This gives me the incentive to continue more exercise to take another several inches off.

  • I lost 16 ½ inches. I took a beach vacation and felt more confident in a swimsuit for the first time in years.

  • Natural Foundations Healing Center™ treatment is a great way to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. Because you see immediate results, you are inspired to continue to lose fat by eating more nutritionally and exercising.

  • What a pleasure it is to experience that svelte look again. My stomach, abs and upper hips are flatter and thinner. I haven't looked or felt this good in ten years! I am six inches thinner, I look leaner and I feel more confident. The treatment itself is relaxing and comfortable. It's hard to believe 40 minutes spent relaxing under the laser can result in fat loss, but it does. My sagging arms look tighter and thinner! All in all, I would recommend this non-invasive method of fat removal to anyone (even those over 65 like me). Try it; you will be pleased!

  • After my very first treatments, I noticed my energy had increased a lot. After my second treatment, I went from a size 42 down to a 38 in jeans! I lost a total of 12 ¼ inches in just one series of six treatments. I feel better about myself and am not so self-conscious. I can fit into clothes I haven't been able to wear in years! I have been trying to lose weight for the last 16 years and recommend this to anyone who wants to lose the inches and gain more self-confidence and energy.

  • I notice my clothes fitting better and my energy level has improved. The staff was great and the results even better. I've lost a total of 6 inches and feel better overall. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to everyone.