Electroanalgesic Therapy

While pain medications can temporarily relieve neuropathic pain, they may also produce undesirable side effects or result in an unhealthy dependence. That’s why we offer alternative therapies for opioid-free neuropathic, acute, and chronic pain patients. One of the most effective non-surgical, drug-free treatments we offer is Electroanalgesia Therapy with NeuroMed, an FDA-cleared medical device. Electroanaglesia (EA) can safely and effectively decrease pain intensity, providing patients with an improved quality of life.

Electroanalgesia Therapy has a very high success rate. Results show that 75-80% of patients get better with treatment and have lasting results; however, there is no guarantee of success. Note that 20-25% of patients will claim they received little or no long-term relief. For this reason, other treatment options should be added or considered.

Benefits Of Electroanalgesic Therapy

Electroanalgesia achieves a variety of therapeutic actions, including reduced edema, inflammation, analgesia, and facilitation of metabolism in the neuropathic extremity. Other Electroanalgesia Therapy benefits include:

  • Stimulating peripheral nerves to provide pain relief
  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Management and symptomatic relief of chronic pain

How Electroanalgesia Therapy Works

Electroanalgesia Therapy is accomplished by placing specially designed conductive sock or hand garment electrodes over the treatment area. Like the TENS unit in delivering stimulation, Electroanalgesic Therapy also uses high electrical energy 8,300 to 10,000 pulses per second (frequencies) and a high dosage of energy (as high as 100Ma) to block pain. Rather than stimulate the nerves like a TENS unit, the higher frequency, and dosage of energy can reduce the ability of the affected nerves to transmit pain signals and, at the same time, promote healing by employing depolarization effects on the nerve cells.

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