Storz Pro (Chronic Pain)

The Storz D-Actor 100 Pro is a device that uses high energy radial shockwaves to treat a wide variety of conditions. The Storz D-Actor 100 Pro has its own application and has been shown to enhance blood circulation, cell rejuvenation, and lymphatic drainage with the use of radial shock waves and energy.

By conducting radial shockwaves into the skin tissue, the energy is able to penetrate the skin. It has been shown to have a considerable impact on the collagen structure and skin connective tissue. It is one of the most effective, non-invasive procedures to treat chronic pain.

How does Storz D-Actor 100 Pro help with chronic pain?

Shockwave therapy combats pain with mechanical energy. While shockwave therapy is most known for reducing the appearance of cellulite by firming skin, the waves of energy have been developed to help treat injuries and chronic pain in joints and muscles. Patients report a noticeable improvement in mobility and healing. 

A device in the handpiece is accelerated, which generates a mechanical pressure wave. This energy is then transferred to the body through an applicator head, which spreads out in the tissue. The surrounding tissue absorbs the mechanical energy, which decreases as the distance from the application site is increased. The mechanical stress triggers a reaction within the tissue. This has been shown to have a positive influence on a wide range of orthopedic and neurological conditions including:

  • Tendon problems
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Hypertonic muscle systems
  • Myofascial syndromes

This form of therapy is efficient and effective and has been shown to treat a wide range of issues. If you are interested in learning more about how Storz D-Actor 100 Pro at Natural Foundations Wellness & Aesthetics can help you with your chronic pain, give us a call at (484) 494-2118.