Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Abdomen Contouring

EMSculpt® is the first ever device that burns off fat while building muscle definition at the same time. The treatment is painless, effortless to perform, and can be added onto other treatments that patients are already coming in for like other body contouring procedures. EMSculpt® is a 30 minute treatment session that equals doing 20,000 crunches. Get the sexy ABs you always wanted without the effort of going to the gym. At Natural Foundations Wellness & Aesthetics, we are proud to offer this unique treatment to our clients!

Non-Invasive Butt-Lift

In addition to abdomen sculpting, EMSculpt® also offers butt lifts without going under the knife or requiring injections. This device distributes muscular contractions that can help increase the strength and tone of the gluteal region, which can help even the most athletic and fit patients take their booty workouts to the next level. At Natural Foundations Wellness & Aesthetics we can give your booty the pop you want with the phenomenal EMSculpt® device.

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