The Quickest Way to Get a Nice Six-Pack

Man doing Ab Crunches

The Quickest Way to Get a Nice Six-Pack

Many people want a nice six-pack, but not everyone wants to put in the work to achieve them. Getting rock-hard abs that look amazing during summer in a swimsuit is totally doable if you put in the work to get them that way. And trust us, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Trying to get six-pack abs is a very daunting and challenging task that only a few achieve. It takes commitment, accountability, hard work and deprivation to achieve the desired look six-pack abs provides.

Individuals who want six-pack abs must put in a lot of work in the gym and in the kitchen. They have to increase their cardio so that their body burns fat, while also incorporating more abdominal exercises into their fitness regime.

On top of that, they have to increase their protein intake while continuing high-intensity interval training. All the while, continuing to drink substantial amounts of water to stay hydrated and limiting what they eat. They must cut out all processed food and items in their diet high in sugar, carbs and fat. There’s so much into getting six-pack abs that many fail at following through with the aforementioned requirements.

But what if you can achieve six-pack abs without having to work out rigorously or eat healthily?

There is a reason why so many have chosen to undergo the popular EMSCULPT procedure, which provides you help you achieve chiseled abs without having to put in more work than necessary.


EMSCULPT is a new, revolutionary body contouring treatment that will change your abdominal section by working out your abs without having to spend hours in the gym. The treatment uses a special machine that emits High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to create high-intensity muscle contractions.

These contractions are supposed to stimulate the effects of about 20,000 crunches and sit-ups in just 30 minutes – all while sitting in a chair. The procedure is FDA approved and not only builds muscle in your abdominal section but also helps you burn fat in the area to really carve out six-pack abs.


It’s a simple, non-invasive treatment that has no downtime or side effects. You simply make an appointment with a certified professional so that they can gauge how much belly fat you have (if you have more than an inch of fat, EMSCULPT might not be recommended for you). If the amount of belly fat is under an inch, then your EMSCULPT treatment continues as planned.

All you have to do to get six-pack abs is lie down on a chair while paddle-like devices are placed over your stomach region (or butt, where the procedure is also very effective). The paddles will emit electromagnetic technology as it induces contractions that feel as if you’re doing core crunches.

The treatment lasts 30 minutes and it’s required that you do four to five sessions in a two-week period. While you’ll see results a few weeks after your last treatment, you’ll notice your stomach feels harder right after your first session. The effects of treatments can last up to six months or longer when combined with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

You’ll feel a bit sore like you underwent a hard or intense workout, but nothing too painful as you would if you had surgery. You’ll be able to go back to your daily routine right after – even going back to work when you’re done.

As the quickest way to get a nice six-pack, EMSCULPT will cost you about $1,000 a session, depending on what doctor you go with and where you’re located. Plus, that price could be increasing given how popular EMSCULPT is becoming. It’s already been featured on various TV shows like The View and The Doctors because it provides visible results without surgery in a matter of weeks.

EMSCULPT is Effective

Although EMSCULPT is still fairly new, there have already been studies on its success. Some studies have shown patients to have an average decrease of fat by 19% and an increase in abdominal muscle mass by 16%. Patients will notice that they have a stronger core after one to two treatments, too.

Many details that the results of EMSCULPT are definitely felt and seen even after the first session. Right now, EMSCULPT is FDA-approved for the abdominal and butt regions, with other areas coming soon, such as the inner thighs and upper arms.

However, it’s good to note that EMSCULPT isn’t for everyone nor should it totally replace exercise and a healthy diet. It’s best for those who have been putting in the work at the gym and in the kitchen but aren’t seeing the kind of results they want. EMSCULPT will not be effective on an individual that is severely overweight or obese.

The results will last up to six months, but patients can choose to undergo maintenance sessions to see the results last longer. Combined with an active lifestyle and healthy diet, patients will be able to keep their results for a long time! EMSCULPT is very beneficial for someone who is active, yet not getting to the next level in their fitness goals. It’s a great non-invasive alternative to other surgical procedures and can help you achieve toned, sculpted ads without having to spend hours in the gym or having painful surgery.

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