Adult-onset Acne

Acne is never something you’d expect to be dealing with well into your 20s, 30s or even 40s! There are many reasons someone might break out when they thought they left that acne life in their teens, and unfortunately, they involve regular “getting older”...

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Six Lifelong Habits Found Among The Happiest People

In functional medicine we look at diet and lifestyle strategies to prevent or reverse disease, calm inflammation, and slow the aging process. However, other overlooked but extremely important aspects to your health are your general happiness, well-being, and attitude. Science shows happiness and positivity...

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Thyroid Problem Facts | Natural Foundations Capitola

Don’t believe the sugar industry’s lies if you have Hashimoto’s

A new investigation reveals the sugar industry successfully blamed fat for heart disease using skewed science, when sugar is the main culprit. This corporate deceit triggered more than 50 years of a nutritional “low-fat” policy that helped make Americans the fattest and most chronically...

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Improve brain function and chronic pain through posture

Have you ever been prescribed physical therapy for a chronic pain problem only to find it returns after treatment? The problem may lie in the connection between your brain and your posture. Your posture actually says a lot about your brain — areas of...

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